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Covenant Title Agency

We are a full service title and escrow company providing start to finish escrow and title for any and all real estate transactions. Whether it is residential or commercial, first time home buyer or seasoned investor, each of your real estate transactions are important to us.

The founders of Covenant Title Agency have a long history and extensive experience in the Real Estate Industry with a focus on Maricopa County. We are the people you know that will continue to provide the service you trust.




1755 S. Val Vista Dr
Suite 205
Mesa, AZ 85204

office hours

8:00am-5:00pm CST
Monday - Friday

480.530.0100 (main)
480.530.0199 (fax)

We are committed to:

being accurate and timely

Accuracy is paramount in the title and escrow industry. Whether it is researching a title, providing proper insurance or calculating a commission, you can trust Covenant Title to provide precise information and sound calculations. When using our services there is no need to compromise promptness for reliability; at Covenant Title you can expect both.

practical solutions

Our goal at Covenant Title is for your real estate transactions to go as smoothly as possible. Occasionally issues arise that threaten to delay or further complicate the process. Our team is committed to using their extensive experience and knowledge to solve the problem in the most practical and timely manner available in order to achieve the desired result.

Personalized Reliable Service

At Covenant Title you are more than just a transaction or a parcel number, you are our customer. We want you to know that our team of professionals is at your service every step of the way to accomplish your real estate goals. We are committed to answering any question or explaining every step to make your real estate transaction a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Cost Consciousness

Real Estate is one of the largest dollar items that consumers purchase. At Covenant Title we know that getting the most value for your hard earned money is important. We will give prices that are competitive in the marketplace while providing you top rate service.


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You will have peace of mind knowing that one of our personalized escrow professionals will be there to ensure that your escrow closing is accurate and timely and the process is as seamless as possible for all parties involved.



From a quick cash purchase to a complex title situation, our experienced escrow professionals will work with you to ensure that you are getting the personalized service you need to get the smooth close that you expect. Years in the industry have allowed us the experience to be responsive to your inquiries and provide practical solutions to challenges more common to commercial and investment real estate.


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